Biases and Loaded Terminology

Loaded terminology is writing that often used in news, magazines and newspapers. Writers occasionally use verbs or adjectives that slant the writing to favor one view or another. Loaded terminology must be recognized in order to analyze economic issues in the news accurately. When news repoters broadcast a news story they use loaded terminology to grab people's attention and make it sound more interesting.

Biases are a slightly cloudier concept than loaded terminology because everyone uses biases on a daily basis without even thinking about it. People use these biases everyday in the form of preconceptions and prejudices while applying them to everyday situations without a second thought. For example, one might think that all corporate CEO's are greedy, or strict gun control means less gun when these assumptions may not necessarily be the case. These assumptions are all forms of bias, and can only be proved otherwise when supported by facts.

external image 052504_what_media_bias.gif
Everyone and everything has biases, whether they know it or not, though some are more obvious than others...

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Question: Based upon the definitions of these two terms, what can we infer about political or economic voting decisions and how they might be swayed to one side or another?