Economics- "The social science dealing with the use of scarce resources to obtain the maximum satisfaction of society's virtually unlimited economic wants." The textbook definition is very straight forward, but economics can be used in a very broad spectrum of needs in daily situations. It can help a person make educated descisions by weighing the pros versus the cons, or the costs versus the benefits.

Economics helps a person get what they want, most of the time it's used to gain money, but that isn't it's only benefit. It can get a person more stuffed bears if that's what they want, it can get them more time. Anything you want more of, economics can help you get it.
Ours needs to survive are little, air, food, shelter, clothing, and water. Those needs are provided by the planet. Our wants are insatiable, no matter what we have we will always want more. We have labor, technology, land, and resources to produce goods and services for our own benefit. And we use those to improve the economy, eventually improving our own economic gain.